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Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity all the time. — Martina Navratilova.

A man in Delhi’s Palam village attempted to take his own life on the intervening nights of June 3 and June 4. The man would have died had it not been for Facebook’s alertness and prompt response by the Delhi Cyber Police(CyPAD).

After a two-hour coordinated effort between an Ireland-based official of the social networking site, Facebook, and officers of the Delhi Police Cyber Cell helped save the life of a 27-year-old man who was allegedly contemplating suicide by jumping off the Signature Bridge in north Delhi.

According to senior police officers involved in the operation, the man was found…

A man was allegedly threatened to pay Rs 10 crore by a group of hackers who claimed to circulate his obscene pictures and kill him and his family members if their demands are not met in Ghaziabad

The man approached his nearby police station, they said

They have threatened a man named Rajiv Kumar, in case he will not pay 10 crore rupees his obnoxious videos would be viral on social media. Rajiv said the hackers changed his email ID’s password and mobile number by resetting the mobile somehow. The victim said he ignored the incident of e-mail ID being…

Due to the awareness of the internet, our youth is fully prepared to fight cyber criminals but due to the lack of internet awareness. Many cybercriminals focus on people aged 60 and older to hack or run scams on. They tend to be less tech-savvy and less skeptical of suspicious cyber activity.

In a recent case, An Indian retired police officer registered an FIR that Rs 6.24 lakh was withdrawn from his bank account after his son exchanged the OTP with a caller who posed as a State Bank of India official.

According to cyber police, A person on 4…

An Indian teenager’s addiction to mobile gaming cost his father Rs 4.8 lakh rupees loss after the boy was cheated with offers of attractive online games.

According to the police officials, a man is working for a private firm, His 15-year-old son is addicted to an online game called free fire which his multiplayer online mobile game like BGMI or PUBG……A suspect identified as Lakshmi Bai contacted his son online and lured him to play more paid online games.

In July, she asked him to download some paid games and sent him a link for the payment. The teen, who…

Why application takes permissions more than their need?

As we all know privacy comes with a huge challenge for the cyber world, But did u know who giving these challenges to our cyber intelligence the answer is our leading online companies.

Let’s see how….?

Your phone is the most personal piece of tech which you owned. It holds your personal chats, your phone knows where you are, tracks your every online and physical movement, and is equipped with microphones and mini HD cameras, App permissions allow the app to access hardware and online data on your smartphone, which is why…

A 13-year-old boy in Madhya Pradesh, India has killed himself due to depression because he wastes his parent's money on online games…

Deputy Superintendent of Police Shashank Jain said that the teen left behind a suicide note….

“In the note, the boy, who studied in a private school, sought an apology from his mother and said that he is ending his life due to depression. It mentioned that he had withdrawn Rs 40,000 from her UPI account and wasted the money on the ‘Free Fire’ game,” he said.

There are 7 billion people in this world. Approx 65.6 percent% are internet users, that is 4.6 billion people on the internet. And the number just keeps increasing day by day.

Cyberlaw, also known as Internet Law or Cyber Law, is part of the overall legal system that is related to legal informatics and supervises the digital circulation of information, e-commerce, software, and information security. It is associated with legal informatics and electronic elements, including information systems, computers, software, and hardware. …

The full form Tor is The Onion Router Tor has layers of privacy like the layers of an onion, hence its name. The more Tor users that utilize these servers, the more hidden your traffic becomes. The Tor Browser is a web browser that makes you anonymous your web traffic using the Tor network, making it easy to protect your identity online. even they change your IP and change your location.

Who created TOR?

In the late 1990s, TOR was developed by the United States government. It was designed to protect the communications of intelligence agencies across the web. The…

Data is sent in terms of packets and individual packets contain a header and the data which is sent by the sender this data is called Payload. Headers are appended to the payload for transport and then discarded when they successfully reach their destination. The main source of transfer Virus is Payload

Generally, a payload is the carrying capacity of an aircraft or launch vehicle, usually measured in terms of weight. … For a rocket, the payload can be a satellite, space probe, or spacecraft carrying humans, animals, or cargo. …

“IP addresses” is a very big term if you exploring the cyber world

An Internet Protocol Address / IP address is a unique address that computing devices, such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones use to communicate with other devices in the IP network. Any device connected to the IP network must have a unique IP, like every house has its own address every SIM is its own and unique number….

Versions of IP’s

There are two versions of IP addresses

1- IP versions 4 (IPv4)

2- IP versions 6 (IPv6)


IP Version 4 (IPv4) was invented in 1970 and…

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